Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Now we're beginning to understand from where all those totally bitchin' ideas hatched by Center for American Progress and MoveOn.org were originating.

F.B.I. agents who had tracked a Russian spy ring for more than a decade moved quickly to roll up the network after learning that one of the suspected spies was planning to fly out of the United States on Sunday night, according to two American officials familiar with the case.

Mr. Metsos is accused of being a money man in the case, collecting cash from a Russian official assigned to the United Nations and delivering it to others in the ring, who were accused of spending years living undercover in American cities and suburbs, posing as ordinary couples working ordinary jobs, chatting to the neighbors about schools and apologizing for noisy teenagers. Their purpose, according to prosecutors, was to patiently penetrate what one coded message called American “policy making circles.”

(italics, ours)

Porkulus, cap and trade, ObamaCare, Wall St. reform, the apology tour, the gulf oil spill response, Iran's inevitable nuclear program, the Russian "reset" and our current deplorable relations with long-standing allies like Great Britain and Israel... whew! That many accomplishments doesn't come without some outside help, apparently.

Congratulations, Oh Russian spies on a mission nearly perfectly executed.

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Harrison said...

They arrested three of them where Obama took the Ruskie prez for lunch.