Friday, June 11, 2010

Letting the mask slip Pt. VII

One in an occasional series designed to highlight the exposed intentions of those who support ObamaCare.

Sorry, Grams. Your ObamaCare end-of-life account balance is zero and you know what that means...

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Maurice Ferré says the United States spends an ``absurd'' amount on end-of-life care and should gradually move to a universal health system in which the government controls costs by setting prices for medical procedures and capping expenditures based on age and medical condition.

Speaking to The Palm Beach Post editorial board Wednesday, Ferré said he would have voted for the healthcare overhaul passed by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama as ``a step in the right direction.'' He said the ``Medicare-for-everyone'' system he favors should be phased in over about 25 years.

Ferré, 75, is a former Miami mayor running a low-budget Democratic primary campaign against U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek of Miami and Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene.

``Now you say, well, that's a `death panel.' Well, you know what, when you get to be 85 or 90 years old, you're going to die. And I'm sorry, you call it, Sarah Palin, what you want, but the fact is that it is absurd for us to be spending the types of money we're spending to extend life three months.''

(ed.: It is not known whether or not Sarah Palin was actually present during this interview)

Asked what he would do as a senator to control such costs, Ferré said: ``I would absolutely say that this is the cap on how much is available for you to spend at age 90, 87, with a heart condition of this sort, with diabetes of this sort, two legs missing and, you know, this is how much is available for you to spend. And you spend it any way you want.''

Do you want to know what's absurd? Spending $800 billion on a "stimulus" package and seeing unemployment rise to 10%.

Do you want to know what else is absurd? Throwing billions and billions more at game show-like Keynesian demand-side gimmickry that prevents the economy from unwinding and which will only contribute to a double-dip recession in 2011.

What is not absurd, though, with respect to ObamaCare is that its passage has served as a truth serum for its supporters who now feel free to admit that rationing, and yes, "death panels" Sarah Palin, wherever you are, are a featured and positive component of ObamaCare.

De-emphasizing the patient-physician relationship and personal decisions with respect to one's own health care is the inevitable result when you bow at the altar of controlling costs. In fact, we should all be grateful. Looks like those tough calls we all face as families regarding our elderly loved ones will soon be a thing of the past as someone else will simply break out a calculator and do it for us. Can you imagine the relief.

Sorry, Grams. Man here says that you can live out the rest of your days in dreadful misery or just take that blue pill there on the night stand.

Now, who says ObamaCare is stripping anyone of personal healthcare decisions?

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