Thursday, June 24, 2010

Your World Cup update of the day

Contrary to some's belief, we are really enjoying this World Cup... we're just glad it comes around only once every four years. Perhaps these mixed emotions were crystallized during the course of yesterday's 1-0 victory over Algeria where Landon Donovan scored an improbable goal in extra time to advance the Americans into the single elimination or "knockout" round of 16.

In a breath, we went from disgust to elation, from thinking what an odd game soccer is to looking forward to Sunday's match against the Group D runner-up (Ghana). The game violates every sensibility we possess as American sports fans, yet check out the clip below and Donovan's goal and tell us that doesn't fire you up a bit:

Exit question: How many newborns were named Landon or Donovan yesterday? At least 5 or 6, wouldn't you say?

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