Friday, June 25, 2010

Your daily World Cup update

And with it, more navel-gazing from the Left. David Zirin of The Nation wonders if it was joy or jingoism:

It reminded why these kinds of international competitions can leave me with such a sour taste. Why can't we just recognize that Algeria played gallantly against a better US team, which won by the skin of its teeth? Why must an insanely miraculous athletic victory also be a reinforcer of cultural supremacy? It's yet another reminder why it is so important for progressives to not just thrill to the joys of sport but be conversant in the politics of sports. The right will forever try to pump the worst kind of racist, nationalist garbage through our play, even at moments that by all rights should be above and beyond politics and just about the electric thrill of the moment. Especially given the right’s (and Loverro’s) contempt for "the beautiful game", soccer of all things shouldn’t suffer the curse of being a cheap, political football.

That having been read, there is simply no truth to the rumor that we did not waterboard KSM but rather stuck him in the same room as Zirin for 12 straight hours.

Exit question: Progressives: neglected as children or simply inherently miserable people?

Bonus coverage: Slo-mo reaction set to music.

We do admire the professional composure displayed by the kid in the lower right. It's only Algeria, after all.

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