Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Entirely self-less link of the day

We have a natural Protestant aversion to self-aggrandizement so when one of our favorite bloggers confessed to a form of "post-blockage" due to over-analysis and navel-gazing, we encouraged this person that his mind was agile enough for self-editing on the fly and that he should just let'er rip. And so he has... not that we're looking to take credit or anything.

In somewhat related news, B-Daddy reminds us that while Sarah Palin remains a compelling figure, it is Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, who is the most important politician in America.

For years, that Reagan/Goldwater sagebrush brand of conservatism has been the passion and the ideological fuel for much of the movement, so it's nice to see some of our Northeastern (R)-brethren get into the act... and then some.


B-Daddy said...

Thanks for the link. I love the way Christie just lets rip, saying the things we are all thinking.

SarahB said...

Christie's not on my radar...will have to check him out more closely

Road Dawg said...

Without shame, he say's what's on his mind. I forarded both the utube links and Bdaddy's to about a dozen friends via regular email becaue facebook is evil.

Holy Smokes, SarahB,
This dude should be all over your radar! BTW, love your blog when I get a chance.