Monday, June 21, 2010

Your World Cup update of the day

The U.S. squares off against Algeria on Wednesday in their last match in group play. What do they need to do in order to advance to the single-elimination round of 16? Pretty simple: Win and they're in. Lose and go home. And a draw? World Cup scoring system being what it is, there are a myriad of possibilities, so we'll let Deadspin break down all the variables here and where the commenters, as usual, do not disappoint.

Uninspired: I like how every 4 years the U.S. World Cup squad inspires millions of American schoolchildren to play baseball.

Janetrenomanchild: Slovenia's leaving for Group F, anyways. Better conference for TV revenue.

BlylevenThedude: If the US draws, the US has to find Algeria and Slovenia on a map.


and our favorite:

Clintonportishead: There hasn't been this much fervor over a series of questionable draws since Muhammad Ali's last round of Pictionary.


K T Cat said...

Snigger all you want. I'm loving it. The Brazil - Ivory Coast game was fantastic. Brazil plays like it's a video game. They are so good, it's surreal.

Dean said...

KT, you get me wrong. I'm having the best of both worlds: enjoying this quadrennial event immensely while enjoying the fact it only comes around every four years.

Its an admittedly weasly attitude but its my weasly attitude.