Monday, February 14, 2011

And you didn't think making your bed was sexy...

A Valentine's Day mini round-up of sorts.

About this St. Valentine chap of whom we can alternately praise or curse given the joy or despair this day brings you from year to year: according to legend he was a Christian priest in the 3rd century Roman empire who defied the will of Emperor Claudius II by marrying soldiers as Claudius thought the young men of the empire would make better soldiers if they were single. Valentine was also said to have spirited Christians out of Roman jails and when he was jailed himself for his troubles Valentine fell in love with the daughter of his jailor, signing love letters to her, "From your Valentine".

Hitting for the love cycle: Agape, Phila, Eros and standing up for religious freedom? Not too shabby, not too shabby at all.

And now the Science of Kissing:

A good kiss is associated with a rise in a chemical called oxytocin (popularly known as the "love hormone") that leads to strong feelings of attachment as we form a special bond with someone else. Meanwhile, dopamine rises, resulting in feelings of craving and desire. It can also seem impossible to stop thinking about the other person because of a serotonin, which causes obsessive feelings and thoughts. A kiss acts like a natural drug, making it a very powerful experience.

Confirmed: Being "in love" really is like being on drugs.

And on this Valentine's Day, what better time to introduce a new blog from one of the family that is devoted to dispensing from-the-female's-perspective romance and life advise to bachelors and married men alike. Please do check out Tiger Lily's Island, here.

Some profound stuff but also some real simple stuff that we would never have thought of as it is so basic.

Yeah, sometimes it really is the case of everything you ever needed to know to score, you learned in kindergarten.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


Mutnodjmet said...

HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY. In the spirit of your post, I offer this link for your consideration -- a piece I did reviewing the biochemical effects of the Pill on aquatic life, with a side of oxytocin.

B@manMadeira said...

An added bonus to a certain kiss invented in France is the transfer of the "male" hormone testosterone to the female. Fun facts from anat/phys.

Dean said...

I'll check that out, Leslie.

Jessie, that college education finally paying off, huh?

SarahB said...

Ashamed to say I never knew the real story of St. Valentine....a nice surprise on this rainy day.