Friday, February 18, 2011

Biggest boondoggle ever update

Alternate post title: When you lose the Washington Post

Each year, the world demands more grain, and this year the world's farms will not produce it. World food prices have surged above the food crisis levels of 2008. Millions more people will be malnourished, and hundreds of millions who are already hungry will eat less or give up other necessities. Food riots have started again.

Nearly all assessments of the 2008 food crisis assigned biofuels a meaningful role, but much of academia and the media ultimately agreed that the scale of the crisis resulted from a "perfect storm" of causes. Yet this "perfect storm" has re-formed not three years later. We should recognize the ways in which biofuels are driving it.

Yes, things are tough all over so please note it's "contributes" and not "causes". "Contributes" on your tax dime and by legislative fiat, we might add.


B-Daddy said...

I first saw the phrase "burning food" to describe ethanol on KT's blog. Don't know if he invented it, but it sure fits the situation.

Harrison said...

No to be corny, but the third world pays more for food because of Ethanol.

K T Cat said...

B-Daddy, thanks for the props. I'm sure I stole that from someone.

Dean, you've got a link coming on this one.