Monday, February 21, 2011

Representative Lee would like to share some things she knows about ObamaCare

On the floor of the House last week, here's Sheila Jackson Lee (D - TX) talking about, what else, the Democrats' failure to articulate to the electorate just how wonderful ObamaCare is:

Message to you unwashed yobs out there: Sheila Jackson Lee knows just how much damn nuance is in this bill. It's unbelievable.

And hard work? You bet. It's a small wonder the Congressional infirmary wasn't forced to turn Congressmen away suffering from thrown-out backs and strained ligaments such was the effort to cram in all those special deals and kickbacks.

But "nuance" is a perfect word for describing what's in ObamaCare as only nuance can explain the mechanism for how it is that ObamaCare waivers, as one example, were granted as "political patronage" can be such an unseemly term.

Thanks to Representative Lee for speaking truth to power or something.

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