Thursday, February 3, 2011

Markets happen

The San Diego city council voted 7-1 to strike down the economic impact report required of big box retailers (see: Walmart) two days ago. But before we throw it over to B-Daddy who is becoming the go-to blog for local issues we would like to note one thing: Marti Emerald, who represents our district, was the lone dissenter in the vote.

It was a curious vote as there is a Walmart in Emerald's district and if the parking lot at the Walmart, the shopping center of which also contains a Target and a Sam's Club, is any indication, it would suggest Emerald's constiuents might disagree with her sentiment.

Take a drive due east from this alleged big box killer of small and local businesses about 2 miles down the 94 or Univerity Avenue and you will find yourself in downtown LaMesa. A quaint, throwback "main street" of two or three blocks.

Curio shops, antique stores, family restaurants, fine wine, beer and cigar bars and straight-up won't-find'em-at-Walmart drinking bars abound.

Do the grunt work on Saturday at the big-box retail-plex, relax with family and friends on Sunday in downtown LaMesa. Needs are met, businesses of all shapes and sizes thrive and everyone is happy. Never once saw the sense in Big Labor's crusade against Walmart.

Emerald would do well to note this free market phenomena happening at opposite ends of her district.

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