Sunday, February 20, 2011

Then they came for the who?

The Heritage Foundation sent their cameras to Madison, Wisconsin to see what was happening on the ground there at the state capitol.

Time was a comparison to California was usually meant in a favorable light. No longer.

Also, Governor Scott Walker was on Fox News Sunday and had this to say:

“My hope is that cooler minds will prevail,” Walker said. “Democracy is not about hiding out in other states.”

Walker acknowledged that his battle against the public-sector unions has “large ramifications” for the rest of the country, especially as fellow governors grapple with their own budget gaps. “For us, we have to do this,” he said. “For decades, we had leaders who pushed off the problem.
Walker also had a gentle admonition that perhaps the President ought to worry about his own debt problem.

And this is what they must mean when they talk about the "new civility".


Road Dawg said...

We are seeing the eventual futility of retrieving blood from a stone.

Harrison said...

Whomever is selling Hitler posters is making a killing in Wisconsin.