Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When (old) interwebs attack

Via Hot Air:

Hey, guess who said the individual mandates weren't such a hot idea?

From the Ellen DeGeneres' talk show and out on the campaign trail back in '08:

"I could mandate that everyone own a house and that would solve the problem of the homeless. And it doesn't".


steve said...

Mark Pauly, the conservative Republican economist who originated the idea of the individual mandate has noted that there are other ways to achieve the same result, the mandate is just easier and cleaner. It is a part of what every other OECD country does to hold down costs. A limited enrollment period with substantial penalties for late joiners should do much of what a mandate would.


Dean said...

Of course that's what every other country does in order to hold its costs down: force people into the risk pool who aren't yet a burden on the health care system. Sounds pretty confiscatory to me.

But the insurance companies knew they couldn't cover pre-existing conditions without the revenue stream of those who would otherwise CHOSEN not to purchase health care insurance.

I really don't care who the hell came up with the idea - a conservative or otherwise. Dude's wrong.

How free are a people when their government is forcing them to purchase a good or service? After that, what won't that government give itself free rein to inflict upon its citizens?

I guess all that non-sense about "keep your laws off my body" was just a convenient slogan for the exclusive purpose of preserving the right to abort the unborn because I don't hear it much anymore from the liberal-Left.

drozz said...

what's really surreal is the white house stating that the judge's ruling was overreach.

basically, the white house just said that obama was wrong.

steve said...

How free are we when people loot the system by free riding? Pass a law that says we dont have to provide emergency care for those without insurance, then we can talk.


Dean said...

Seems pretty simple to me. Get their name, address and other pertient billing information and put a lien on their ass until they pay up. Why should there need to be a law for this.

The government forcing individuals to purchase health care insurance is no way to go about solving this problem.

I am far less concerned with people gaming the emergency room than a government with unfettered power. Far, far less. It's not even close.

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