Friday, February 25, 2011

Throw out that retirement calculator - help is on the way!

The current economic climate and general cultural apathy is making saving for retirement quite the unseemly proposition. Let Secular Apostate count the ways:

2.Employers won’t help. Only about half of American workers contribute to a voluntary 401K or other employer-sponsored savings program, and greedy capitalists are not handing out raises or enhancing benefits due to some imaginary “economic crisis”.

5.Savings isn’t a priority. Families with children are dealing with skyrocketing food and energy inflation to get the kids fed and off to school. Single men and women are investing in tattoos and tits without a single thought to the future.

Alas, to counter these apparent obstacles, he presents “7 Benefits Of Retiring at 52 When Someone Else Pays For It”.

Check it out, here.

You really need to bookmark SA and make him one of your appointed stops in your rounds of the interwebs.


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