Thursday, February 10, 2011

To the polls!

Over at The Liberator Today, B-Daddy has a poll up on whether or not to re-name the Coronado Bay Bridge here in San Diego after Ronald Reagan as has been proposed. After thinking it a rather swell idea, B-Daddy is having some second thoughts.

I’m fairly conservative.”So what do you think? At first, I was pretty miffed and it seemed like a typical leftist reaction to the greatness of Reagan. But I also thought, in 1987, San Diego voters voted to restore Market Street to its original name after a short spell as Martin Luther King Way. I'm also still miffed about the Murph being renamed after a local firm beginning with the letter Q. Is this issue so different?

Contrariwise, its only a bridge, not a piece of San Diego history, the way Market Street was. And supposedly serious coin, to the tune of $18 million, changed hands to get the name of Jack Murphy Stadium changed.

A little background on the Market Street/MLK deal: A few years ago there was a push to get Market changed back to MLK Blvd. The merchants revolted as the unspoken truth of the matter is that in our big cities, "MLK Blvd." tends to run through the crappiest parts of town. Amid cries of racism, the Market Street business owners were simply acknowledging a business fact and won the day.

Also, we believe the Coronado Bay Bridge is more than just a bridge and is indeed a San Diego landmark much as the Mt. Soledad War Memorial is.

Go on over and let your voice be heard.


B-Daddy said...

Dean, thanks for linking my poll. This one is giving me a hard time, so I genuinely want everyone's opinion.

SarahB said...

The Coronado bridge is a work of art, envied the world over, and it would be architectural blasphemy to rename it (much as I love ol' Ronnie).