Monday, February 21, 2011

Playin' hooky: Wisconsin style

It's come to this...

... but weren't you almost expecting it?

Doctors handing out sick chits to truant teachers in Madison.

A little street theater via Ann Althouse who has been all over the Wisconsin situation. Click at the link and scroll.

And this from Pundit Press:

(if embed no worky, please go to the link)

Reporter asked, "Do you think you could get in trouble?" Dr. Kathy Oriel said, "Certainly, we think its worth the risk to support the people, and we feel very strongly these are officials who would really like to be in school, and in their classes, but they're put in a position where they really have no choice."

Wondering just how down for the cause Oriel and the other doctors are going to be when their asses are hauled before the state's medical review board for this fraudulent behavior.


steve said...

Any links to have this is breaking a law? They are not prescribing treatment or diagnostics.


Dean said...