Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just a few thoughts on the "evolving"


We suppose we can thank the Veep for having the courage of his convictions and speaking truth to power on Sunday for being the tipping point and bringing the President's long, winding, evolutionary road to an end when he spoke out in support of gay marriage, yesterday.

As it is, this will merely serve to be yet another distraction to the President's failed policies and, in parallel, will allow the legacy media a chance to regain that thrill up their leg.

But how much of an evolutionary process was it? Here he is with Robin Givens of ABC News last night discussing the topic.

I had already made a decision that we were going probably take this position before the election and before the convention. He probably got out a little bit over his skis, but out of generosity of spirit.

Out: Evolving.

In: I made up my mind a long-ass time ago, y'all.

And this is the thing that always puzzled us about this whole sorry affair. He's a statist Democrat from a deep blue city in a deep blue state. What flank was he possibly trying to protect for being opposed to gay marriage... if he truly was ever personally opposed to gay marriage in the first place? We scarcely think one of the most socially conservative blocs in the Democratic/liberal tent, blacks, would turn away from him if he spoke more truthfully and forthrightly before this.

See... we're being distracted by this self-inflicted navel-gazing.

Back to the business at hand and a reminder courtesy B-Daddy at The Liberator Today of what will be more on voters minds than gay marriage come November:

In closing, we were asked by a liberal friend and Obama supporter (and by Obama supporter, we mean that back in 2007 waterboarding was a grave civil rights violation and that in 2012 wacking U.S. citizens overseas in drone strikes is an acceptable anti-terrorism measure) earlier what we felt of of the President's announcement. We responded that we expected nothing less than a completely politically-calculated stunt from the most shamelessly cynical pol we have ever seen. To hope for any real principled leadership from this guy is to be spitting into the wind.


Harrison said...

Obama went back to his 1996 position when he was for gay marriage.

Road Dawg said...

Maybe he can evolve on his ecomomic position.

K T Cat said...

So here's a question for the panel to consider.

What's the track record of the people supporting gay marriage? What have they pushed in terms of social norms and how has that worked out?

Off topic: Boy, am I glad the Chargers kept Norv Turner! There's nothing like trusting someone with a track record like his!


Dean said...

KT, word around the campfire is that Team O does not intend on actually pushing anything in terms of legislation.

It's all just politics and creating distractions.

To wit: When we all woke up this morning, unemployment was still above 8% and the labor participation rate was still at record lows.

K T Cat said...

Yeah, I don't think this is going to tip the scales at all. It's hard to think that the guy who's been looking for work for 6 months changing his mind on Obama because of this.