Friday, May 11, 2012

Radio KBwD is on the Air


We haven't played anything from these guys in a while so let's get right to it.

But first...

This story as told by writer Bill Flanagan in the liner notes of their compilation album All For Nothing pretty much sums up the character of these rag-a-muffin ne'er-do-wells of the punk/alt-rock scene of the 80s.

My favorite Replacements story is that when compact discs started replacing records the band were appalled that Twin/Tone, their first label, was going to release their early albums on CD. So, they had a few drinks and stewed about it and had a few more drinks and then went over to Twin/Tone. They gave the receptionist some line about working on remixes, grabbed as many of the master tapes as they could and threw them into the Mississippi. When the Replacements told me this story, they expressed the hopes that Prince, who lived in a big purple house downriver, would see the tapes floating by like Baby Moses, retrieve them and reconsider his musical approach.

I don't know how much of that is true (maybe more than you would expect). I didn't choose to investigate too closely; it was the sort of story that you wanted to believe about the Replacements. They certainly stood for a cockeyed, Huck Finn integrity, even if they were sometimes taking aim at their own feet.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, it's the Replacements playing "I'll Buy".




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