Thursday, November 11, 2010

2010 midterm update

We're still solidly a Dos Lunas nation at a confirmed 60 seat pickup in the House but there is an opportunity to possibly pick up at least a couple more.

(The NY Times interactive tracker map we have been using and is the best we have come across can be found, here)

Currently, Andy Vidak is up 27 votes (out of about 73,000 cast) in CA-20 (Central California) over his Democratic enemy, er, opponent. And down on the Gulf coast in TX-27, Blake Farenthold holds about an 800 vote lead (out of over 100,000 cast) over Solomon Ortiz.

In Il-08, Joe Walsh is up by about 500 votes (out of just under 200,000 cast) and Ann Marie Buerkle leads her opponent by 660 votes (out of 200,000 cast) in NY-25 (upstate).

Absentee and provisional ballots are still being counted and of course recounts are are almost assured in some of these races so it may be a while before the dust settles.

In the meantime, enjoy...

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