Saturday, November 13, 2010


Uhh... no.

We can understand the image rehabilitation currently underway with the release of President Bush's memoirs "Decision Points" but before everyone starts getting misty for the good ol' days, allow us to remind everybody that it was Bush that fathered Bailout Nation and laid the foundation for the massive explosion of government spending and control over the private sector that we see today with the current regime.

For a nice blow-by-blow airing of grievances, check out Michelle Malkin's take down, here.


Secular Apostate said...

Oh, I miss him... as Pink Floyd once said, "in a relative way".

steve said...

And yet none of Bush's foibles spawned a Tea Party.


B-Daddy said...

The roots of the Tea Party were planted in the Bush years. Further, how does it accrue to Obama's credit that he has actually doubled down on every failed policy of the Bush administration.

Agreed, but you always knew where Bush stood on an issue.

Dean said...

Well said, B-Daddy.

Whenever I get questions wrt "Where were you guys during the Bush years?", it is never adjoined by any explicit criticisms of Obama's policies.

I am then left to assume that the questioner was indeed a big fan of President Bush's policies as Obama's are nothing more than W's on HGH.

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