Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Poll of the day completely whiffs by missing the point and misreading the mood of the country in their daily poll today.

Are you worried about air travel security this holiday season?

- Yes. I'm not sure all is being done to keep me safe.

- No. I feel our security measures in place are effective.

- I'm not sure.

- I'm not traveling via air this week.

What should've been in there instead of the last question is:

- I have doubts that the current TSA screening techniques are effective in deterring terror plots.


- The new and improved TSA security measures are unnecessarily invasive and violate my 4th amendment rights.

"I'm not traveling this week" is completely irrelevant. It precludes one from having an opinion merely because one is not flying.

And with respect to the first answer, that box could be checked by both those who have no problems with/favor the crotch grab as well as those totally opposed to it reasoning that we are not employing effective behavioral profiling to sniff out the terrorists as the reasonable alternative.

Bad poll, Politico. Bad poll.

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