Saturday, November 27, 2010

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Welcome to the People Magazine edition of Beers with Demo where we will dig deep into the psyche of America's pop culture landscape.

Today's subject: Dancing With The Stars!

Or more precisely, the reaction to Bristol Palin being an improbable finalist on the show.

Here's Joy Behar, Sandra Bernhard and two other chicks on "The Joy Behar Show" opining brilliantly on Ms. Palin's performance. Ostensibly, there are two comediennes on the set but as you will see there is not one funny, insightful, witty or humorous thing said by the lot. It's 3 minutes of hate that only picks up steam as these jackals try to one up each other.

Count this as a reason we do not want to see Sarah Palin run. People come absolutely unhinged with regard to anything related to Palin and this is proof that should she run, we won't get anywhere near discussing/debating the pressing issues of the time. She hasn't declared yet, it's not an election year and it's her daughter on television and this is what passes for civil discourse?

Then again, maybe we should just consider the source.

Debased pop culture commenting on frivolous pop culture.

We hope you have enjoyed today's People Magazine edition of Beers with Demo.

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Road Dawg said...

So we get the likes of these bitches to give voice on who runs and who doesn't? Not my reason for not wanting Palin to run. I'm a big fan, but alowing vitriol on the other side to frame our candidates will give us candidates like....well...McCain.