Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So, the guy pictured is some sort of deranged lunatic, right?

Not so fast, explains Secular Apostate.

The dog-eating perve of the peninsula has very rational reasons for behaving the way he does.


Road Dawg said...

Just doing what has been workin' for him.

B-Daddy said...

Agree with 'Dawg, he snarls, we cave.

steve said...

Seoul is 30 miles from the border. With rocket assisted shells, within range of North Korean artillery. The South Koreans need to own this problem since the risk is theirs. hey have more people than North Korea. They are much richer. They should defend themselves. We put our soldiers at risk there for no good reason.


Dean said...

Steve, with 30,000 troops from the 2nd ID over there, that horse has left the barn.

Link to B-Daddy who has some thoughts (recent post) on how to throttle the Norks without escalating things, militarily.