Saturday, November 6, 2010

College football Saturday open thread

We wrecked Michigan St.'s perfect season by jumping on their bandwagon before last week's thumping at Iowa. Sorry, Sparty. No clear front-runner dark horse candidate that we have our eye on right now so all the teams in the top 10 can breathe easy... for now.

The slate:

#3 TCU and QB Andy Dalton (pictured) at #5 Utah which is not being carried by any of the major networks or cable outlets. Check your local listings.

#6 'Bama at Death Valley and #10 LSU

#21 Baylor at #17 Oklahoma St. "#21 Baylor" is not something that has been said in quite some time.

#19 South Carolina hosts #18 Arkansas

And out West:

#4 Boise St. hosts Hawai'i

#15 Arizona is at the Farm and #13 Stanford

Arizona is under the lights at the Coliseum taking on USC

And Colorado St. at also-receiving-votes San Diego St.

When the Republicans drafted-up their Southern strategy some 50-60 years ago do you think they had any idea they were targeting crazy people, like crazy SEC football fans?

The fairer half of a young couple is not taking South Carolina's loss to Kentucky last month all that well.

Showing up your girlfriend in such a public fashion does not usually ensure the long-term success of your relationship as another young couple demonstrated this past summer. Even odds these two are splits-ville by now.


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