Monday, November 22, 2010

This Wednesday, let your voice be heard

This coming Wednesday being the most heavily-traveled day of the year, the enhanced TSA security measures and perhaps a new-found spirit of being ungovernable has resulted in a confluence of happenings for which B-Daddy believes presents a golden opportunity to exercise our freedom of assembly and freedom of speech as guaranteed by the 1st amendment as well as extending some good will toward our fellow man.

My fellow Americans, what is to be done? Stay ungovernable my friends, but within the bounds of law and respect for our fellow Americans. Here is my suggestion. Sing. That's right, we need to sing loudly and long while in line. It will disrupt the ambiance of submission, but is itself not unlawful. Maybe we could start with the pledge of allegiance, to remind our fellow citizens, employees of the TSA, of their duties under the constitution. As a federal employee I know I took this oath.

We could then go with patriotic and traditional songs while while waiting in line. Imagine, the power of showing our government that we are not submitting willingly. There is no law against this action of singing and reciting, but it would show our solidarity against this intrusion into our privates and private lives.

B-Daddy has some suggestions for the nation-wide sing-out. Leave your own song suggestions at the link above.

The thought of spontaneous karaoke contests breaking out at airports across the nation this Wednesday has us quite excited.

Can't sing? Not a problem. Via W.C. Varones, whistling will do just fine.

"Hitler has only got one ball,

The other is on the kitchen wall,

His mother, the dirty bugger,

Chopped it off when Hitler was small.

She threw it, into the apple tree

The wind blew it into the deep blue sea

Where the fishes got off their dishes and ate scallops and bollocks for tea."

(from the YouTube comment section)


drozz said...

i was thinking of not showering for a week before i got on the plane.

W.C. Varones said...

Kilt, no underwear, and pop a Viagra before you get there.