Sunday, November 14, 2010

Video clip of the day

Broadcasting from inside one of Teddy Roosevelt's nostrils, Ed Schultz of MSNBC thinks there ought to be something done about all that mean and nasty speech out there on the airwaves.

If there are going to be any laws, the first should be one against Al Sharpton, of all people, opining on racial divisiveness.

"Never any ramifications..."
They're called ratings, Ed - again, a concept lost on this MSNBC employee who should be very aware of their small ones due to the ramifications of their own lousy program content.

Limbaugh has faced boycotts his entire career calling on advertisers to pull their spots to no real avail because the manufactured level of outrage like that which Schultz is displaying never squares with reality.

Big Ed says "I'm not saying there should be a law..." before saying, "... shouldn't there be a law?" A shining beacon of broadcasting competence, he is.

And Sheila Jackson Lee wants to ban any discussion of where the President is born. When does that start extending to discussions of the President's policies, Ms. Lee?

We guess this begs the question of just what does Ed Schultz and his obviously traumatized guests (and we assume, listening audience) think should be banned from T.V. and radio? Because they are going to have to get a whole lot more specific and detailed than "provocative", "insulting", "inciteful" and "denigrating".

This entire segment by Schultz was an exercise in stupidity and was indeed insulting and denigrating towards most Americans opinions of free speech and the 1st amendment.

H/T: Hot Air


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