Wednesday, November 3, 2010

(Look at the quote in the picture)*

Exceptionalism: Americans demonstrate for less government, Europeans demonstrate for more.

From the Economist:

Not French, not fabricated and not as flaky as their detractors aver: these are the positives. Another one: in how many other countries would a powerful populist movement demand less of government, rather than endlessly and expensively more? Much of what is exceptional about America is its ideology of small government, free enterprise and self reliance. If that is what the tea-party movement is for, more power to its elbow.

Can they be serious?

Ideology is one thing. But if the tea-partiers do well next week, especially if the Republicans capture the House, they need to move past ideology into the realm of practical policy. This means having something serious to say about how actually to bring spending under control.

Now what?

B-Daddy has the answers, here.

* The money quote from The Candidate starring Robert Redford.


B-Daddy said...

Thanks for the link. It is indeed the money quote. The good news is that Obama has left us a target rich environment, the bad news is that even if we clean up his mess, the tougher problems of social security and medicare threaten the federal government and employee pensions threaten all levels of government. There are no easy solutions.

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