Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Programming Alert

We were out of town just when San Diego Beer Week was cranking up so we've been a little slow to getting out and hitting up some of the events going on around town. As such, we've decided to give the staff the night off and head on over to the High Dive in Clairemont to hook up with B-Daddy of The Liberator Today for their Coronado Brewing Co. night. 6ish. Please join us if you are up for it.

And in other totally related news, Jeff Hammett, reporting for the West Coaster, is confirming that the outfit applying for the liquor license at the location on 30th Street in South Park is none other than Stone Brewery. Sweet. The legendary 30th Street bags itself another prime catch.

Exit question: Will they drop some of the pretension that exists at the mother ship in Escondido and install a TV or two for us sports-loving souls?


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