Monday, November 8, 2010

Programming Alert

We're back from Vegas and posting real-time for the first time since we left Friday morning. The alert isn't to announce our arrival but rather to get the word out on something we totally dropped the ball on before we left. Coinciding with our departure on Friday was the kick-off for San Diego Beer Week. And because the concept of a San Diego Beer Week is so excellent, it cannot be merely confined to one calendar week (call it spillage) as it will be going on until next Sunday.

Check out the event calendar at the WestCoaster, here for a listing of events this week.

And speaking of both beer and Las Vegas... this entire country is blowing up microbrew-wise and Las Vegas has only now discovered... Fat Tire Ale..

We put on our sleuthing shoes to come up with some places there in Vegas that served a generous line-up of microbrews. Because we had stumbled upon it by accident a few years ago, we headed straight for Pour 24 in New York, New York. "Paul", one of the bartenders told us that both The Pub in Monte Carlo and Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay would fit the bill of what we desired.

We can personally vouch for all 3 locations, so if you are in town and are jonesing for something other than a Corona or Bud Lite, those 3 aforementioned places will do you right.

OK. After weekend light on blog posts, we hope to get it cranked back up starting today, though we'd be absolutely lying if we told you it was "great" to be back.

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