Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We've still got Harry Reid to kick around

The HopenChange that swept most of the nation last night was tempered a bit here on the West Coast.

California decided to send a retread (Jerry Brown) back to the governor's mansion and a disgraceful incompetent (Barbara Boxer) back to the Senate. And while we give the lunatics in the Assembly the ability to pass a budget on simple majority (Prop. 25) we denied ourselves the capabilities of easing the pain (Prop. 19 - marijuana legalization). Oh, and we decided to continue our one-state crusade to battle man-made global warming by shooting down Prop. 23.

But on the bright side... we've still got Harry. Sure, this particular campaign was national and was supposed to be a referendum on the tea party but if there was ever a last-stand/Alamo-like effort to preserve the most high-profile Democrat seat, we saw it by the Democratic Party in Nevada in the last few weeks leading up to yesterday.

Never quite grasping the irony, an ecstatic Ed Schultz of MSNBC was crowing of what an incredible accomplishment it was in sending Harry back to D.C. amid one of the worst state unemployment rates in the nation... brought upon by policies levied upon that state by Reid and his party.

(Again, we cannot emphasize enough just how bad MSNBC's coverage was last night. All told, we wound up watching about an hour's worth of coverage and we were stunned by the lack of balance and professionalism. "Whistling past the grave yard" is the metaphor that best described a cable operation of which we weren't sure was watching the same election results we were.)

So, Harry the human punching bag gets to go back and lead a Senate that owns a 9.6% unemployment rate and a stalled economy and which will be facing an energized Republican House that will get to use Reid as a proxy to attack the furthering of the regime's statist agenda.

Also, on the bright side, no more mailers clogging our mail box and no more political ads on T.V. In honor of this joyous occasion we may just run NFL bloopers and Cheezburger photos for the next few days as an ode to frivolity in the wake of all this politically besotted earnestness.

And speaking of besotted, looks like we will be enjoying that Herr-adurra later this evening as we nailed the Senate pickups (6) and darn-near nailed it in the House (58 vs. the predicted 56).

And to further this exercise in frivolity, we will be going to, speak of the devil, Vegas this weekend for the Breeder's Cup among other things. Programming Alert details to follow.


Mutnodjmet said...

OFFICIAL ELECTION 2010 OVER/UNDER PREDICTION WINNER! Bragging rights hereby issued. :)

SarahB said...

A referendum on Tea Party Express artificially propping up candidates agains the will of the legitimate grass roots.

drozz said...

heard pelosi wanted to cry this morning but couldn't. botched facelift.

it would be corrosive to the elected majority in the house to compromise the beliefs that got them elected. no shelter-repeal obamacare, the mae's, the stimulous, or risk losing their jobs (again).

gridlock can be a good thing. especially compared with the results of the past two years.

Dean said...

Leslie, I may have jumped the gun. I think (R) is at 60 right now with the possibility for two more. I may have that Dos Lunas, after all.

Sarah, Hedgecock seems to be a pretty hep cat so why did he sign on with TPE?

drozz, I agree with gridlock in the short term but at some point we're going to have to take positive steps forward to unwind this mess.

drozz said...

i agree. january of 2013 should do it.

Mutnodjmet said...

Silver Lining: I would rather see Harry Reid on TV as Senate Majority Leader (since GOP didn't win Senate) than see Chucky Schumer. Shumer gets on my very last nerve. Also, with the substantially increased GOP presence in the Senate, and the fact 2012 will be Obama's Referendum, andy Dem Senator who thinks to pose as a Blue Dog had better act as one if they want to be re-elected. And I say this as a Blue Dog.

Dean said...

Leslie, it would never happen.

Poised against against an energized House, Schumer would be the last person the President would want to see as the majority leader.

Harry will do just fine... for everybody.

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