Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finally: Life's "easy button" has arrived in Connecticut

We stole the video below from KT who uses the no-touching policy at a middle school in Milford, Connecticut as a metaphor for the concept of "competition" in global markets and the ultimate folly of attempting to establish fair outcomes in those same markets.

We don't even know where to begin with this. This is the evil twin brother of the "zero-tolerance" policies at schools where, seemingly, school administrators just threw up their hands and said "screw it" - for myriads of reasons, we're sure, teachers and school administrators, unable to enforce the existing policies decided to opt for the room temperature I.Q. easy button of "no-touching".

There are parallels here with the young lad here in California who was told to take the flag off the bike he rode to and from school. The rational response would have been to identify and take the appropriate measures against those who threatened violence upon the kid. Instead, the "easy button" response, the truly no-brainer response prevailed. Whew. Didn't have to work to hard to solve that problem, right?

If you can't enforce against fighting, bullying, rough housing or "badly kicked in the groin", we suppose the next logical step is "no-touching".

And pity the kid at the end of the clip. He is absolutely baffled. He is attempting to explain this new Bizarro world for which there is simply no rational explanation and his tone and demeanor seem to ask, "Where are the adults, man?" Son, the adults have left the building.

And to bring it full circle: this is the logical extension of attempting to ensure "fair" outcomes. This is the logical extension of years and years of awarding ribbons and trophies to kids in junior leagues for merely participating instead of achieving anything of real consequence.

The leftist dream of eliminating pain, challenges, accommplishments, individual achievement, unequal outcomes and life's necessary and inevitable ass-kickings has been realized in deep blue Connecticut.

P.S. We went to the school's website to see if there was anything there regarding the school's no-touch policy. It seems their no-touch policy extends to the website as well. Not sure we've seen a more dreadful design and layout. Oh, and mum's the word on the touchy.

P.P.S. In the spirit of being ungovernable, how cool would it be for the students to execute a school-wide high-five at lunch when they get back from Thanksgiving? It would be the coolest thing ever, that's what.

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