Friday, December 24, 2010

Big Media breathing a sigh of relief?

Via Gateway Pundit:

You think the President has had a rough go of it this year? Think of what the media has been going through. They abased their profession with shameless adoration for the guy in order to get him elected President and what does he do in return but give them a 45% disapproval rating.

Alas, even with unemployment still hovering around 10%, a struggling economy and mountains of debt, signing a treaty and 2 or 3 bills into law during a lame-duck session of Congress can do wonders for your image with some people.

For Caren Bohan from Reuters, at least, it looks like she can hold her head high at cocktail parties as happy days are here again!



drozz said...

lemme get this straight:

he capitulates on tax breaks, got beat on DREAM, has no budget, is personally responsible for 70 democrats losing their jobs in the house, his healthcare has a probability of being destroyed, has high unemployment, mounting national debt, a war, and a looming nonfunctioning congress....

so he signs legislation that's basically a political layup....

and now "he's back"? back from what?

when obama dons some big boy pants and handles real presidential problems like a president, i'll say "he's here".

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