Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quickies: the professional left goes bonkers edition

A round-up of news items, articles and columns that caught our eye this week.

Terrific... Katrina vanden Huevel is comparing conservative policies to slavery:

Forget about electoral mandates or campaign promises. This president has a historic mandate. Just as Abraham Lincoln had to lead the nation from slavery and Franklin Roosevelt from the Depression, this president must lead the nation from the calamitous failures of three decades of conservative dominance. This requires beginning to reverse the perverse tax policies that have contributed to gilded-age inequality and starved the government of resources needed for vital investments. This demands correcting destabilizing global imbalances, laying a new foundation for reviving American manufacturing and shackling financial speculation. It means ensuring the United States leads rather than lags in the green industrial revolution. And it requires unwinding the self-destructive military adventures abroad. The president must strengthen America's basic social contract in a global economy, not weaken it.”

And speaking of bad metaphors and saying mean and nasty stuff, Jonah Goldberg on the laughable No Labels crowd:
No Labels says it’s “about taking the politics out of problem-solving.” It is amazing how cavalierly people say this sort of thing, as if it weren’t the rationale behind pretty much every dictatorship since the dawn of man. Nearly once a week, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman gives voice to his full-blown man-crush on China’s one-party dictatorship because — according to Friedman — the Chinese, unlike us, can implement “optimal” policies without getting bogged down in such distractions as elections, the rule of law, human rights, etc.


Because being the President during the holidays is, like, hard.

Michael Goldfarb tweets: "Finally, we have a black President again."

After what we thought was one of the worst Presidential press conferences we can recall this past Tuesday when The One whined his way through the tax compromise deal, he follows that up with this. Quite an accomplishment.

Left Coast Rebel has a great round up of reactions from around the interwebs to this bizarre scene that went down yesterday, here.

The Weekly Standard: Sure, Obamanomics is is a disaster for the economy but it's good for the environment so quit complaining.

The L.A. Times is of the opinion that the GOP's woes in California are due to voter rejection of party positions on social issues.

Allow the American Spectator to retort:

For four decades, the Democrats have controlled the California legislature. Back when Jerry Brown was first governor in the late 1970s, he signed an executive order permitting state employee unions to engage in collective bargaining. Thus began an era of growing clout for these unions and they are now the state's most powerful special interest. Many Democrat lawmakers owe their electoral success to the deep pockets of these unions. The result has been very generous pension plans and comfy salary increases for the union workers. The cost of these form a major part of the state's precarious financial position.

The Democrats now own the whole thing, lock, stock and barrel and as our friend KT is fond of saying, this represents the high water mark for statism. What do they have left in their playbook to get us out of this unholy mess?

Enjoy the rest of the day. We may check back in later.


drozz said...

obama signs a (horrible) piece of legislation he prays helps restart the economy, and he won't even hang around to answer questions at a white house briefing?

f$%king amateur.

Road Dawg said...

Villaraigosa takes on teachers union, Obama gets thrown a friggin bone by Bill Clinton before he gets run out on a rail by his fellow dems? What a crazy day.

From the Times:

With a hard-hitting speech that branded the city's teachers union as an unyielding obstruction to education reforms, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa set the stage this week for a new battle over control of the troubled Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation's second-largest.

In a Sacramento address to state leaders, Villaraigosa — himself a longtime teachers union employee before launching a career in public office — declared that education in Los Angeles stands at "a critical crossroads," and he assailed United Teachers Los Angeles for resisting change.

SarahB said...

Bringing back Clinton was only just shy of the stupidest thing Obama did this week...second only to letting his wife bully through legislation to outlaw school bake sales. Do not piss off the fund raising mom's of will pay in blood.

Bizarre week all around.

Road Dawg said...

It's time to buy Girl Scout salads!

And that wacky Sarah Palin calls it an needless intrusion to fundraising.

steve said...

"this president must lead the nation from the calamitous failures of three decades of conservative dominance. This requires beginning to reverse the perverse tax policies that have contributed to gilded-age inequality and starved the government of resources needed for vital investments."

The debt numbers do speak for themselves.


Road Dawg said...

It wasn't conservative dominance, it was Republican dominance.

steve said...

Reagan was not a conservative?


Road Dawg said...

Yes, but the Bushes weren't, neither has republican dominated congress. When they had their chance they overspent.

Road Dawg said...

And Reagan wasn't a homgenius conservative either.

"conservatives have effectuated a romantic mental picture of Reagan as an unadulterated conservative, and have forgotten the disagreements they had with him when he was President."

Thanks Steve, for having me look it up. I didn't follow politics in my younger days and also have the romantic notion of "Reagan Conservatism"

Harrison said...

Obama calls in the Air Cav... and it likes Gap dresses and hand dipped cigars. God help us.