Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Of snow storms, debts and tipping points

Via Left Coast Rebel, a time-lapsed photo-log of the storm that hit the East Coast last week.

From Belmar, New Jersey:

And in other related news, KT has a fine post regarding the conflation of politics, public grants and the agendas of the faith-based AGW crowd and the resulting house of canards, here. KT wraps up his post with the following:

The end result of all of this will be cynicism from the press, the politicians and the public. Anyone standing with the global warming alarmists will end up looking like a fool, just like the UK MET Office.

This raised eyebrows in the comment section as some were wondering if the public was not standing alone in its skepticism of the mess the AGW crowd has left themselves.

The press and the pols may not be there yet but it's only a matter of time. Take this 60 Minutes piece (please!)
from a couple weeks back featuring New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, talking about the fiscal disasters awaiting the states.

Would we have seen something like this 10 years ago? Hell, would we have seen it 2 years ago? The flagship magazine program of the Tiffany Network acknowledging that we have a debt crisis?... a spending problem?

Every situation or crisis has its tipping point where no longer can an agenda or bias obscure the truth of the matter.

And strange as it seems, in our humble opinion, it was not even the run-away spending at the federal level that was cause for this sudden state-side awareness but rather the debt crisis in the EuroZone where the "California = Greece" narrative took hold.

No matter. By whatever impetus, the gig is up for the big spending days of the states and the faith-based AGW zealots' days are numbered as well.

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