Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This past Sunday and a look back a lot further

This past Sunday the New York Jets football team in a display of class and sportsmanship befitting their head coach decided to go all 12th man as their strength and conditioning coach, Sal Alosi, tripped Miami Dolphin gunner, Nolan Carroll, who was running down field in punt coverage and who was temporarily forced out of bounds.

(If embed no worky, please go here for video of the incident.)

That's a charlie horse Carroll is going to feel until he's 48.

But how does it stack up against what is probably the most famous 12th man incident of all-time? From our dog-eared, hard-bound book "Strangest Football Stories" that we grew up with, we present you the 1954 Cotton Bowl, Alabama fullback Tommie Smith and Rice halfback, Dick Moegle (May-gull).


Road Dawg said...

The Alabama incident can be chalked up to exuberance. Jet's coach...just mean. That should be career ending.

See you on Saturday. Justin reports amazing cheese with the tasting.

Dean said...

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday....

Do you remember the book I'm talking about?