Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Link of the day

Yesterday, we blogged about 1st Lt. Will Donnelly (Kings Point '08) who was killed in action on Thanksgiving Day.

Regular reader and frequent commenter, Steve (a former Navy Corpsman who served alongside Marines) suggested that to honor the life and sacrifice of Will, a donation be made to the Marine Corps Scholarship Fund.

The site is here where you can find out more about this worthy program.

Though they did not have children, we feel that would be an excellent way to honor William J. Donnelly IV and support his wife, Linsey.


SarahB said...


steve said...

Umm, just to correct a misimpression, I was a Navy corpsman. I put Marines back together. Lot of military in the family and the cousin who taught me to shoot was a Marine. Only one in the family to go Navy and get a lot of hassle over it. We have researched and donate to several military charities. This one seemed most appropriate. Thank you to all who contribute.


Dean said...

Steve, post corrected. Thanks.

Question: what is the reason for why Marines never had a medic rating of their own?

Was it simply a case of, "hey, why bother - we've got some people under the DON umbrella who can do it"?