Thursday, December 9, 2010

We have serious reservations regarding their taste

We noticed that we had one of our top 3 or 4 days, hit-wise, yesterday and a Stat Counter analysis blamed a mighty fine blog Questions and Observations for sending traffic our way. What was the special occasion? Beers with Demo had made Guide to Online School's top fifty political blogs and in an even more exclusive category, top 5 political blogs:

The Top Five Political Blogs

Barefoot and Progressive: Barefoot and Biting would be another fitting name (or even Barefoot and Snarky, but that's not alliterative). B and P writes a sharp liberal blog with a slight emphasis on Kentucky politics.
•Our Favorite Post: KY GOP Senate Debate Liveblog

•Beers with Demo: A good conservative blog for newcomers, this is, "a blog for people who don't read blogs." Beers with Demo tells the story without letting his opinion crowd out the facts.
•Our Favorite Post: We've Seen This Movie Before

Think Progress: Think Progress is a liberal blog with multiple, well-informed authors. All authors write in a professional manner about their respective topics, but none are afraid to let their feelings show.
•Our Favorite Post: Pat Robertson's Advice

Pundit and Pundette: A la the 1940's plucky reporters, Pundit and Pundette laude or rend passing current events. This blog combines typical blog entries with Tumblr style image, video and article sharing.
•Our Favorite Post: When is a Black Hole Not a Black Hole?

Questions and Observations: Politics from the oft-overlooked libertarian perspective. Q and O holds the guilty accountable and is unafraid to intelligently rip into their opponents.
•Our Favorite Post: Our Whiner-in-Chief

And demonstrating that the folks at Guide to Online Schools do have some taste, We'd also like to note our friends at The Scratching Post, Head Noises and Left Coast Rebel also made the top 50 cut.

Again, thanks to Questions and Observations for spreading the news and sharing the love.


B-Daddy said...

Congratulations dude. What's the daily hit count?

Mutnodjmet said...

Congrats! I know you are also among my Top 5 political blogs, too! :) ;)

Anonymous said...

Questions and Observations is how I found you. Keep up the good work.

Dean said...

Thanks, everybody!

SarahB said...

Awesome! Congrats & well earned.