Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Why am I stuck over here on the left side of this post?"

As you may have noticed, we've been doing some remodeling with respect to the layout of this site. Unfortunately, our desire to highlight our "most popular posts" from the last 30 days winds up being that from the entire 3-1/2 year history of this blog while looking absolutely horrible presentation-wise while doing it. We'll probably just scrap it if we cannot find a solution.

On the bright side of things, according to Blogger, one of our most popular posts featured a gentleman upon which we have a huge man-crush and whom we've featured in other posts in the past.

Here's Milton Friedman talking about something that's always the other guy's fault.

As baffled as Phil Donahue looks, we would've paid good money to see the look on Liza Minelli's face.


Road Dawg said...

Love this video, thanks for posting!

Dean said...

It's timeless. I never get tired of it.