Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quote of the day

“I have only one loyalty,” he says, “and that’s to the immigrant community.”

That from Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-MX via Chicago), illegal immigrant and open borders shill.

Just a little reminder, folks, regarding the mentality and ideology behind "comprehensive immigration reform" and the opening act, the DREAM Act, which is currently showing in the lame duck session of Congress.

Never mind that Gutierrez pledged an oath of loyalty to the Constitution and to the United States, his non-immigrant constituents might be interested in just how he prioritizes their interests.

And while we won't dare question Congressman Gutierrez's patriotism, whether he realizes it or not, he's a tool of the anti-American, open-borders left and all the thinly-veiled racism, third-world socialism and anti-capitalistic ways they bring to the table.

Want more proof that the DREAM Act, which would in part, grant citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants, is not about cogent, rational legislation towards sensible immigration reform but rather shameless pandering to the open borders loons?
There are currently four versions of the DREAM Act on the Senate docket, including one that rolled out Tuesday night at 8:45 P.M.

Here's Senator Jeff Sessions expressing some mild displeasure with Harry Reid over the lack of due Senatorial process in light of the DREAM blitz:

When the well-intended and high-minded among us call for "dialog" and "civil discourse", we respond, where is there any room or hope for "dialog" and "civil discourse" when these shenanigans are going down?


Harrison said...

Wow guess we need to turn the temps up on his melting pot.

Mr Lonely said...

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SarahB said...

at least he's a transparent illegal alien shill!

steve said...

CATO is probably the biggest advocate of open borders.


Road Dawg said...

It's not fair to quote CATO out of context. They are for open borders in a limited government society. They criticize the excesses of multi-culturism. Their problem is not with the immigrants but the elites propping up bilingual education, anti-American Chicano studies, Spanish language ballots, gerrymandered voting districts and an overall big government agenda.

So Steve, you can't quote the CATO institute for open borders and not more clearly define their position. Let's be fair, CATO is proposing a market driven immigration policy, not a political policy. We can't have it both ways.

steve said...

CATO wants open borders as they think it will lead to growth. While they may oppose the things you cite, it would still leave borders open and just as many immigrants coming in, more probably as there would be no border guards or INS. The programs you cite are a response to large numbers of immigrants, not what draws them here.


Road Dawg said...

Thanks for your thoughts Steve, I really enjoy your comments.

But I think you still miss my point. You're citing CATO without the full scope of their Libertarian agenda and that's not fair. Open borders does not mean illegal borders. No one is advocating abandoning law enforcement, or market driven immigration. But we can't give up the farm and still have a market driven immigration policy.

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