Friday, December 19, 2008

Quote of the Day and... a thrill running up someone else's leg?

"When you look at her, and you know what the Kennedy's are capable of and you know the family she comes from... think of the DNA."

That, from noted eugenicist and excitable former New York City mayor, Ed Koch on Caroline Kennedy's "listening tour" of upstate New York.

This country's supposed hostility to privilege, entitlement and above all else, nobility, remains just that, supposed - with some people, at least.

So, perhaps to better align the mayor's sentiments, we should put a new twist on an old phrase: "We talk like Jeffersonians but govern like Royalists."


B-Daddy said...

Over at DailyKos, they quote Charlie Rangel as saying that the Governor has already made up his mind about his senate selection and Rangel isn't giving up his name. Italics mine.

K T Cat said...

DNA? You must be joking.