Sunday, December 21, 2008

What...? An actual Plan?

Given the recent difficulties the Republicans have had with “governing while ahead”, we’ve been content with the G.O.P.’s filibuster-proof-proof minority status in the Senate as the best the best offense (?) against the Democrats. Dammed though, if the Democrats and their own mounting ethics scandals, don’t seem willing to hand things back over to the Republicans in 2010. Well, if they insist, I suppose the Republicans might want to put together an actual game plan to run on and a list of principals from which to actually govern, if and when they ever get back in power.

Over at The Liberator Today, B-Daddy, has hammered out the platform with 7 individual planks of which we find 3 being appealing to minorities as we are supposed to be appealing to these folks according to learned establishment of the Party and which by our count exceeds by 3 the actual number of proposals the learned establishment of the Party has proposed to the same effect.

Also, please pay close attention to B-Daddy’s logic regarding partial-birth abortion. It is one that even Ms. “Oggedy Boogedy” Kathleen Parker and the rest of the establishment jerk-offs might be able to fall in line with.

Now, does the G.O.P. have the common sense and testicular fortitude to climb onboard? We’ll see.

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