Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another 5-year plan failure

We were ten minutes south of San Clemente when the putrid green daisy walls of the van started closing in. I recall the fat four-eyed lesbian sweater girl saying something like "are you okay, Mr. Duke? We've got a mystery to solve..." when suddenly the gullet of the garish chartreuse steel beast began to spasm, as if a digestive track readying itself to vomit. I began clawing at my hamstrings and when I turned my head I was looking into the irridescent eyes of a grotesque animal screeching "Ruh Roh! Ruh Roh!" in a hoarse irritating dog-accented gibberish. That's when it things began to turn weird.

Iowahawk, the interweb tubes most brilliant satirist is celebrating its 5th anniversary in the most bold and unabashedly narcissistic manner possible. Click on over where ‘hawk spins 25 of his greatest hits including a Scooby Doo episode starring Hunter S. Thompson that didn’t quite see the light of day.

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