Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wondering how Warren Buffet feels about all this.

Tired of seemingly never-ending and wildly expensive election cycles? So are we – let’s just appoint our relatives.
(D)The Senate

The Kennedy Clan, apparently not content with merely one legacy seat, will be seeking another as Caroline Kennedy has thrown her hat into the ring for consideration for Hillary Clinton’s vacated New York Senate seat. We were going to use this time to marvel at her burnished credentials as curator of her mother’s poetry writings and as award presenter but, you know, given the current state of our two federal legislative bodies and their actual accomplishments, credentials are obviously no indicator of future performance. So…. Welcome to the club, Caroline!

Caroline (on left) with person rumored to be the world's first face transplant recipient. (H/T: Jammie Wearing Fool)


B-Daddy said...

To quote David Burge from Iowahawk, she may not have the qualifications of membership in patriotic civic organizations (Robert Byrd) or experience as an undercover transportation security officer (Larry Craig) but she could be counted on to vote the party line every time.

K T Cat said...

She looks like some kind of char woman or beggar that Ms. Kennedy picked up off the street and dressed in clothes she found in the back of her closet.