Friday, December 5, 2008

So, it's come to this...

More than 200 Trinity College students, faculty and staff rallied on campus Monday in response to a racially offensive comment posted on an online message board.

"Something negative happened and we want to turn it into something positive," said Ibrahim Diallo, one of the students who organized the rally. Organizers said they hoped to start a discussion and make it clear that people did not agree with the posting.

The comment, posted anonymously on a website called TrinTalk, disparaged minority students and said their admission to the college correlated with a drop in the rankings of "our fine Trinity." TrinTalk is not affiliated with the college.

Waiting, waiting, waiting…. Ker-plunk…

On Friday, Oct. 31, Lynda Ikejimba '09 announced that she was responsible for the racist post that incited a series of events, including last week's student-initiated rally, "Stand in Solidarity," which received coverage in The Hartford Courant.

"I am the person responsible for the outrageous, despicably racist post published on the TrinTalk website," wrote Ikejimba in a campus-wide apology email. "And I am a black woman. I am writing to apologize to all of you for what I have caused."

Two things - One: A 200 person rally in response to a single comment left on an online message board? What's next: 4 people held a rally at Beers with Demo world headquarters over the weekend in response to a completely unrelated, non-sequitor comment left on a post devoted to controllable pitch propellers.

And: What does it say about the nature of race relation in this country in 2008 when the majority of these alleged hate crimes and instances of hate speech turn out to be hoaxes? That the perpetrators claim they are trying to raise awareness belies the reality that awareness has risen… it has risen, indeed!

And to think that all that diversity training may have paid off, afterall.

H/T: The Volokh Conspiracy

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Did you say "controllable b*tch propellers"? I'm deeply offended!