Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Great moments in the history of local AM talk radio


KT beat us to it but consider this a perfect companion piece to NY Times' David Brooks column whining about the San Diego Republican Party's endorsement of Carl DeMaio over Nathan Fletcher.

Here's DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) on the air with KABC AM 790's John Phillips.

Bottom line: if you are a national figure and you are going to opine upon local politics and the realities contained therein, you better have more in your arsenal than platitudes and national-level talking points.


We don't think she'll be coming back anytime soon.

And in case you missed it: with respect to Brooks' column on San Diego and the alleged radicalization of the Republican Party, here is what we had to say:

Brooks describes Carl DeMaio, who did receive the party endorsement as "the more orthodox conservative". One wonders if Brooks did any research at all regarding DeMaio, the first openly gay city coucil person and the man who has been at the forefront of public employee pension reform, an issue that has resonated greatly with the voters of the city. If this makes DeMaio the more orthodox conservative and which also represents an "enforcing of conformity", then so be it but perhaps Brooks should pause to consider that at 3,000 miles away, he has zero feel for the political ground game here in San Diego before he puts fingers to keyboard to bellyache some more about the extreming of politics in this country.

Delving into local matters when you have no real feel for what the locals are thinking is a proposition fraught with peril. Proceed at your own risk.

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SarahB said...

I'm giddy for the day DeMaio beats the pants off Tony Valare in a race for Gov of California.