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A round-up of news items, articles, columns and blog posts that caught our eye this past week.


Out of the blocks: B-Daddy on the Shaima Alawadi and Trayvon Martin travesties:

At the time of the initial report, I saw Fatima on television and shared with friends that she didn't seem credible. But I withheld public judgment, which is more than I can say for the professional racialists who have invaded Florida to inject themselves into the Martin shooting. Here again, media bias may also be contributing to the appearance of guilt. NBC has issued a half-hearted apology for editing 911 tape to make George Zimmerman, appear to be racist. No one is willing to let the police and prosecutors do their jobs. Instead we get appeals to mob violence. One would think that the supposed heirs of the civil rights movement's leadership would recognize that as a danger to all Americans.

Maybe George Zimmerman is guilty of some crime. I certainly don't know. But I am certainly not going to make a judgment based on edited media reports. Maybe Shaima Alawadi was the victim of a racist attack, but my gut instinct, based on watching her daughter speak tells me otherwise. But I'm certainly not going to accuse people of murder when I don't know the facts. Americans need to call out the Al Sharptons of the world for the ridicule they deserve; they do nothing to advance the cause of justice.

Thankfully, cooler heads have prevailed here in San Diego where there has not been near the level of vitriol and rancor willfully and wrongly injected into this particular affair as opposed to the goat rope down in Florida.

We have heard both the edited an un-edited versions of the 911 call made by the, uh, "white Hispanic" George Zimmerman. Summary: NBC is guilty of journalistic malfeasance and of inciting racial hatred and encouraging personal endangerment. If anything untoward happens to George Zimmerman, NBC, Al Sharpton and the New Black Panthers should, by law, be held accountable.

Related: KT notes it's a been a tough stretch if you are in the race-baiting business but, wait...

And then, like a miracle from the heavens, comes George Zimmerman. Finally, some light in the darkness, a big, juicy chunk of traditional racism that everyone can latch onto! Marches! Speeches! Protests! Demands for justice! Like a battered church shaken in its faith that suddenly finds an image of Mary on a tree stump in its yard, it was too good to be true.

And it was, indeed, too good to be true. Zimmerman was a Democrat, not a Republican. He was half-Hispanic, not totally white. He's got a history of working with the NAACP. Spike Lee tweeted the wrong address and set the lynch mob out to string up an innocent, retired couple. The disappointments go on and on.

And with respect to the GOP budget plan authored by Paul Ryan (R-WI):

President Barack Obama accused Republicans on Tuesday of favoring the rich with a "radical" budget plan that focuses on cutting popular programs, which the White House sees as a potent vote winner for Democrats in this year's election.

In a week in which Mitt Romney is expected to extend his lead in the race for the Republican nomination to confront Obama in the Nov. 6 election, the president took aim at their new budget blueprint, calling it "thinly veiled social Darwinism."

Want to know what's social Darwinism? Doing nothing about our unsustainable entitlement programs. The President by his very inactions and his lack of willingness to reform Social Security and Medicare is willing to cast aside the well-being of future generations as those programs get crushed under their own weight.

And speaking of radical:

The House on Wednesday night unanimously rejected an alternative budget proposal based on President Obama's 2013 budget plan, dispatching it in a 0-414 rout.

The vote came just hours after the White House cast the pending vote as a political "gimmick," an apparent attempt to downplay what many expected to be an ugly-looking vote for the White House.

Obama's budget plans have a poor track record in Congress over the last year. In May 2011, 97 senators voted against a motion to take up his 2012 budget plan — no senator voted in favor of the motion.

0-414 and 0-97 doesn't sound very mainstream, does it?

Coming to a town near you: the Arab/Occupy Spring?

An Egypt-styled “Arab Spring,” which has put radicals in charge of the government, will be launched in the United States this spring with a war on “corporate power, Wall Street greed and the political corruption of the 1 percent,” according to the group headed by former Obama green aide Van Jones.

“They’re really not going to like the 99 percent Spring,” said Rebuild the Dream in an organizing email Friday.

Comparing the collection of protests last year that are symbolized by the 99 percent campaign and Occupy movement, to those of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., the group said that “we were all inspired by the protesters of the Arab Spring who stood up to totalitarian governments, and inspired the Occupy movement here in America.”

Standing up to totalitarian governments is a great thing but how do you revolutionize towards the status quo? Occupy/Obama's Whining Squatters are totally vested in the status quo.

What they are revolting towards is a more invasive and intrusive federal government that will necessarily infringe upon some enshrined rights with respect to your wealth, property and very possibly your exercise of free speech. That doesn't sound very progressive to us and, in fact, sounds quite regressive.

And from yesterday: Louis Oosthuizen's double eagle on #2 in the final round of the Masters in which he placed second to Bubba Watson.

OK, gang, that'll be all. May try to check in later today but we will definetely be back tomorrow.


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