Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some not so random thoughts


The GSA/Las Vegas scandal and now the Secret Service/Columbian hooker scandal... they really can't come soon and large enough as welcome relief to the administration in keeping Fast and Furious off the front page... if the legacy media ever bothered putting on the front page this wildly successful government-operated gun running scheme which has claimed the lives of two U.S. agents and hundreds if not thousands of Mexican agents and civilians all for the shamelessly self-serving and cynical purpose of promoting a narrative of an unchecked flow of guns southward across the border and into the hands of ruthless drug cartels.

Watch for GSA and Secret Service to continue trending over Fast and Furious.

More election year gimmickry, to be sure:

President Obama on Tuesday urged Congress to help strengthen federal supervision of international oil markets, amid pressure from U.S. voters to take action on rising gasoline prices.

The president wants Congress to increase penalties for market manipulation and empower regulators to increase the amount of money energy traders are required to put behind their transactions.

"Congress should do all of this right away," the president said Tuesday during a White House speech in the Rose Garden.

Obama said the plan would put "more cops on the street" to catch speculators who attempt to manipulate markets for their own profit. He also chastised Congress for recently voting against ending tax breaks to U.S. oil companies and said passing his proposal would help members redeem themselves.

Still, the president acknowledged such efforts "will not bring down gas prices overnight."

The plan is more likely to draw sharp election-year distinctions with Republicans than have an immediate effect on prices at the pump. The measures seek to boost spending for Wall Street enforcement at a time when congressional Republicans are seeking to limit the reach of federal financial regulations.

Obama was joined Tuesday by Attorney General Eric Holder in spelling out his $52 million proposal.

Good lord... it's the Buffett Rule all over again. The administration has finally admitted that higher taxes on the rich won't actually reduce the deficit or the debt but that it's all about fairness or something. And now, he and the miserable stonewalling (see: Fast and Furious link above) hack that runs the Justice Department all but admit their $52 million scheme to not really bring down the price of gasoline is just about drawing distinctions between themselves and the Republicans. A $52 million campaign ad, in effect.

It's a comfort to know, at least, this guy has no intention of letting the country's business interfere with his own relection business.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what federal intervention into the oil market might look and sound like... folks, we present you Maxine Waters (via Gateway Pundit):

Yep... Barry's big idea is to have the likes of that senile old broad running oil companies. Of course he was wise to admit his $52 million campaign spot wasn't really about lowering the price of oil.


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