Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Video clip of the day


Famed Sci-Fi writer, Arthur C. Clarke, back in 1974, calling it for the internet circa 2001.


0:24 : bonus round: correctly predicting the approximate size of a laptop in that woefully inadequate iPad-less era earlier this century.


(ed. note: We read Clarke's Sands of Mars as freshmen back in high school and thoroughly enjoyed it which begs the question why we never really picked up another sci-fi book again. hmmmm.... )



Anonymous said...

interestingly enough, there is validity to a claim that the viewscreens used in a particular scene of 2001 anticipate the ipad.

Mostly Nothing said...

He failed in the live were you want part though. Failing to take into account the fact that managers are generally insecure about their employees not being in the office.

But then futurist predict technology, not human nature.

Dean said...

That's a failure of management philosophy not of technology.