Saturday, April 28, 2012

Link of the week


A repeal of the death penalty here in California is a ballot initiative come November. Since death penalties are so rarely carried out to their ultimate conclusion, we have scarcely given it any thought for quite some time.

Time to get thinking...

From a tea party/freedom coalition perspective, B-Daddy over at The Liberator Today, takes a skeptical look at the current nature of the state's granted power to take the life of another man. A taste:

The tea party is nothing if not skeptical of government. Yet through the death penalty, we entrust to government the ultimate power of deciding the life or death of American citizens. I do not trust that our institutions of justice can apply the penalty fairly or without error. The thought of a man (and it is usually men) who would be wrongfully put to death is too horrible to contemplate. Yet, we have any number of cases where those on death row have been exonerated. My skepticism of government leads me to conclude that it cannot be trusted with a task such as deciding life and death, even of criminals.

If you do no other surfing around this weekend, please do yourself a favor and check out B-Daddy's thought-provoking piece at the link above.


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B-Daddy said...

Dean, thanks for the link, especially because I know you don't necessarily agree.