Sunday, April 29, 2012

Video clip of the day

. A couple of entrance observations/questions:

1) Wasn't this the sort of "spiking the ball" they said they were going to avoid when bin Laden was killed? 2) Isn't a guy who lobbed missiles somewhere in bin Laden's general direction merely to serve as a distraction from him receiving oral sex from chubby white interns the last guy you want fronting your anti-terrorism chops?
. Here's the new Obama campaign ad which is pretty much, four years on, the equivalent of Hilary Clinton's "3 A.M." ad for which Team O took such umbrage. Frankly, can you blame Team O for doing this? They certainly don't have a record of accomplishment on which to run. You think he's going to campaign on the economy, jobs or doing something about our unsustainable entitlements to which he added yet another in ObamaCare? What Obama has been most effective at is wacking people be they terrorists, foreign strongmen (Gaddafi) or U.S. citizens (Anwar al-Awlaki). Barack Hussein Obama 2012: stone-cold killa. .

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