Friday, April 13, 2012

Quote of the day


Via Dueling Bar Stools:

“Call it what you want—capitalism, free enterprise, laissez faire or whatever—but a system that upholds property rights and otherwise allows free people to be themselves is remarkable precisely because it’s NOT a “system” per se. No deluded, pretentious planners devise or direct it. It’s no Rube Goldberg contraption of mandates and decrees. It’s simply what happens when you leave peaceful people alone. They produce more and satisfy human wants to a far greater extent than empty nanny-state promises could ever hope to deliver."

Remember this: no one has granted you the right to enterprise, commerce, the pursuit of happiness, or freedom of speech and religion. You are granted these merely because you are currently upright, breathing and reading this. The Constitution is merely a guarantor against the government or any other entity denying you the same.


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